Robust armrest ODK056-18

Benches ‘Robust’– elements of environmental improvement can be connected to each other, creating constructions of various shapes that will fit perfectly in the courtyard of an apartment house, parks, children's playgrounds, squares, as well as near the educational institution. This product series can be easily supplemented with various complementary accessories – armrests, backrests. Odukalns Design have developed a special structural solution for fastening wooden parts, which ensures additional longevity of seat surfaces and backrests during their life of service. Veteran tree – ash – with solid metal constructions will be a stable, durable and elegant addition to your chosen design.

 Basic construction:

Armrest – 10 mm thick metal.

  • Primed and coated with powder coating, which provides high durability in all weather conditions. The colour of metal constructions is available in all shades according to the RAL catalogue.
  • CorTen rusted metal
  • Hot-dip galvanized metal

 Code – ODK056-18



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