Slide bench ODK057-1

The Slide bench collection is special for its massive and curved shapes, which are based on the Odukalns design specially developed "comb" system.

Together or in combination with the Robust series modules, you can achieve the shape and length of the landscaping element you want. In addition to FSC®-certified tropical ironwood elements, the saddles feature individually stained coniferous wood and 100% recycled plastic.

To improve the look and functionality of the Slide Collection benches, we offer armrests as well as three types of backrests that can be placed anywhere on the inner and outer surface of the benches.


By combining bench modules, it is possible to create bench structures of unlimited length. Available seating widths 400 mm; 600 mm; 800 mm or individual solution. Available bench diameters 3 m; 6 m; 9 m; 12 m or individual solution.

Three types of backrests, horizontally or vertically arranged, plus armrests. The dimensions of the seating elements are 70 mm x 145 mm (width x height). The seat is made from FSC®-certified tropical ironwood, individually stained FSC® coniferous wood and 100% recycled plastic.
Metal construction 8 mm and 5 mm steel metal. Finishing of metal structures - hot-dip galvanised, powder-coated, Cor-Ten rusted. Optional LED lighting installation available.

Code – ODK057-1




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